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Michael Grass House is a micropublisher based in Kingston, Ontario, focused on publishing independent Canadian writers. 

Regrets - not currently taking new books.

There are alternatives to vanity publishing!

Vanity publishing doesn't work because it's all about vanity. 

You don't want to spend $2000 just to publish a book. 

How about spending $400? Or even $200

If you keep your costs down, you can focus on promoting your book ... and writing something new.

Micropublishing is lean, simple, and inexpensive!

Micropublishing  avoids the costs of the old-fashioned publishing industry and the pricey imitation available through vanity publishers. 

• You don't need dead trees, stacked boxes, shipping trucks, bookstore shelf-space, and complicated distribution networks. You need your words to reach your reader as directly and simply as possible.

• You don't need a tunnel-visioned editor deciding whether you get to tell your story to the world. You need a network of writers and colleagues to help each other publish, refine, review, and market.

• You don't need a lavish cover. You need a clear, sharp image that stands out as a thumbnail on the internet.

• You don't need bookmarks, sell-sheets, marketing plans, media events,  professional reviews, and other gimmicks associated with old-fashioned publishing. You need the internet and social media.

• You don't need royalties. You need profits all of them.

Michael Grass House is no longer taking books...

• But you and your writers group can learn to publish yourselves.

 Read the booklets on this website to learn more about your options for pricing, publishing, marketing, and working with your fellow writers.

 Keep your plans simple. The more you try to do, the more you have to pay for. 

 Focus on epublishing. That's where most of the book buyers are. Only nonfiction (e.g., how-to books, business books) and books with a tourism market (e.g., local short stories) sell in hard copy. Check out BookBaby, Kindle, and Kobo for inexpensive epublishing options.

• Read CJ's tutorials on preparing your book for epublishing. Follow his directions to make sure your ebook works.

 For an inexpensive, professional cover, contact Blue Square Designs. For an ebook, all you need is the front cover. For all books, you need a cover that will stand out as a thumbnail on a website.

Romance novel uploaded to Kindle in January 2011. By January 2012, it had sold 18,000 copies.

This illustrated book for special needs youth uploaded to Amazon has become a classic with occupational therapists.

This YA novel was out of print because the publisher had closed down. It was available for purchase again within days.

You should self-publish a book if...

• You're a new graduate or young professional wanting to be noticed. 

• You're a novelist weary of rejection letters. 

• You're a seasoned professional who wants to share a lifetime of work experience with younger professionals.

• You're the author of a how-to or self-help book that old-fashioned publishers aren't interested in because the niche market is too small.

• You're a writers group sitting on a stack of unpublished manuscripts.